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Inferlytics is a first of its kind integrated eCommerce search & browse experience engine which combines power of natural language processing and domain specific knowledge bases to offer a differentiated experience for retail customers.

Keywords based eCommerce search employed by most retailers today is inherently flawed. In most cases, it has become a dumb word-matching engine that tries to come up with closest match given a set of words. It does so without understanding the context of who is using it, what is it being used on and what are other customers saying about the products that are being searched on.

So, if you go to an ecommerce store and try searching with keywords ‘pregancy coats’ you will be shown anything that is either related to pregnancy or coats. In our experience, we have seen top search results that range from a nail polish that gives you an even coat of polish to a herbal tea that gives your throat a nice coat to make your sore throat better to a book by an author whose last name is coats.


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